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SpirituallyRAW "The Ass Whipping Truth." We Explore and Expose Controversial Truths, Myths, and Theories, Surrounding The Spirit World. No Topic Is Taboo. SpirituallyRAW is on a global movement to WAKE UP as many people by exposing the DARK truth of DEEP-STATE & guide them through this Great Awakening transition into spiritual freedom, enlightenment & global peace. WWG1WGA

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Your SpirituallyRaw.live support allows us to continue SpirituallyRAW's mission to wake up as many people worldwide and help them on their path to spiritual freedom, enlightenment, and global peace. SpirituallyRaw guests include spiritual leading authorities, financial experts, investigators, debunkers, and skeptics of the fantastical, conspiracy theories, supernatural, unexplained, and flat out unimaginable.

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Guests include Qanon experts, investigators, debunkers, and skeptics, of the fantastical, conspiracy theories, supernatural, unexplained, and flat out unimaginable. Experts and leading authorities in The Great Awakening, Qanon, Aliens, Ancient Mysteries, Cabal/Deep State, Vortexes, Exorcism, Forbidden Knowledge, NESARA & GESARA, MK Ultra, Obamagate, Sacred Geometry, End-Time Prophecies, Time Travel, UFOs, and more.

Each week, we work super hard to bring you top-notch, entertaining, and enlightening videos with a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to getting to the debatable facts. We're bold and brutally honest with a savvy sense of humor. We've interviewed over 1500 people from around the globe. We are not biassed one way or the other. Just inquisitive minds searching for answers like everyone else.

"Together We’ll Turn The Universal Key To Global Harmony & Create A Unified World"

About The Hosts
Jay Matta the "So-Called Realist". He's an extremely evolved soul blessed with a witty personality. His tenacious viewpoints and uncanny nature to verbalize brings forth a lot of laughs and insight.

April Matta, the "Controversial Theorist". Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile and charisma. She’s a sharp Italian who calls it as she sees it. Her female perspective and enlightened sense of humor tie the dynamic duo together.

Tune in often, tell all your friends, and most importantly may all your dreams come true!!

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Thanks and God Bless Patriots Worldwide.
Many Blessings,
April & Jay