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Andy was surprised and shocked even to feel the most ferocious old lady's girdle or corset under the loose dress. Maybe not quite a hard corset but moulding her figure and squeezing her waist much more than Andy would have thought possible. Very much as he had noticed earlier. He forgot his reserve and told her, "You feel wonderful."

Andy didn't tell her that her underwear and its effect was exactly what he looked for in a woman, all his adult life. But she must have guessed from the expression on his face, the lingering of his hands on her figure and the gleam in his eyes.

"See, this is how an old lady can please you," she smiled at me, "All this to find out and enjoy if you will come to me, soon. I think you will come and I think you will be very Handy Andy to me," and she winked at him with one eye.

Andy looked at her for a few moments. As he'd thought, she looked to be in her 50s; maybe approaching 60. Maybe 10 or 15 years older than himself. She was heavily made up and her hair obviously a work of art by a coiffeur. Her blue dress had half sleeves, and loose enough not to show the effects of her underpinnings; and ended just above her ankles and her high heeled shoes. Andy wished he had spent few more moments feeling at her thighs, to see if she was wearing stockings; but too late.

They kissed again, as she pressed her tongue against his closed lips. They went back into the party as nonchalantly as possible; and mingled with the crowd; separately and going their own ways.

Andy was now aflame to find out more about this lady and then to discover more of her figure and her foundations. He met up again with Jeff and asked him about Dee, as casually as possible.

He responded, "Well, she'll be 68 years of age next birthday. Like I said, never married, not even had a serious boyfriend, I don't think. But she's lived a sort-of mystery life from our point of view. We've never known where she was, nor who her friends were. Why? What has she been saying to you?"

"Nothing serious," Andy lied, "But you're joking; 68? She seems very fit; I didn't realise her age: I thought maybe 50-something."

"We don't really understand her; she's so much older than the rest of the family and has led a separate life in many ways. Until she retired. Her mother was my Dad's first wife but she died soon after Dee was born. Dad married again some years later and that's where we come from," he smiled at me, "Actually she's mentioned your name a few times to him over the past year or so. I hope she's not been a nuisance," he looked concerned.

"Not at all. She's been very sweet," and they left it there.

As Andy left the party, Dee came to him and pulled him to one side just out of the door, "Please call me at the weekend, Andy. You will be pleased, I can promise you. Here's my number." And she pressed a small piece of paper into his top pocket.

No one was within earshot, and Andy told her honestly, "Dee you don't know me at all. You an older lady but you don't know what my demands would be - as a man. My special wishes. My wants. But yes, I will call you. Promise."

Unexpectedly, she pulled him a little further away from the door and spoke softly into his ear, "I like you very much and will do whatever you want. Whatever you require. I promise this will be just what you want. Whatever you require of me. Any demands. You'll see. I'm captivated by you."

And so they parted, with long lingering glances back at each other.

Age 68; unbelievable.


Background note: Andy had been married more than once before that time. His first wife had divorced him aged 29 for reasons of "incompatibility." She had objected to his sexual preferences in "using" her body: all openings, erotic underwear, plugs of various sorts, restraint and a little mild bondage. His second wife had divorced him aged 33 because he kept comparing her with his first wife; especially in her shape and her own preference for loose casual clothing at all times, with no figure control at all. As soon as they were married, her sensuality had declined to zero. She wore no enticing underwear at all; not even a bra. Since then, now aged 38, Andy had run through a number of casual affairs and short friendships; but no relationship that met his personal "requirements."