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We are Rocky and Lori. We have been married 31 years, together 39 (high school sweethearts). We were blessed with a boy and 2 girls. We Lost our son in 2009 and have struggled with depression since. Finding an escape from depression while watching certain videos. One day , God laid it on my heart to create a YouTube channel that encourages people to get out and start enjoying what God has blessed us with on this earth while they have the chance. For the people that are not able, due to depression or other reasons, we hope to make them feel like they are experiencing our trips with us and maybe give them the escape they need. We will be exploring all types of experiences. We love camping, we will be showing our tips, tricks and products to make camping easier. We will also show how to explore on a budget with cheap or free experiences. We encourage any feedback you can give us. If we can reach and help just one person that's struggling, then it will make it all worth it. God Bless!