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The QUANTUM SUPER CHANNEL "Ushering In the Great Awakening, One Show At A Time". We are combining forces & bringing together great PATRIOTS with the BEST content in one location!

We're on a global movement to assist with the Ascension of the Planet. To help WAKE UP people by exposing the dark truths of the satanic agenda that has been enslaving humanity, & guide you through this Great Awakening transition into spiritual freedom, enlightenment & global peace.

Show hosts comprise a dedicated team of experts, leading authorities, investigators, & debunkers, of the fantastical, conspiracy theories, supernatural, unexplained, & flat out unimaginable!

Topics range from The Great Awakening, 17, Aliens, Ancient Mysteries, Cabal, Clones, Current/Political Events, End-Time Prophecies, Financial, Forbidden Knowledge, MK-Ultra, NESARA-GESARA, Psychic Phenomena, Sacred Geometry, Time Travel, Reincarnation, UFOs, to World Religions, and much more!!

We work super hard to bring you top-notch, entertaining, and enlightening videos with a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to getting to the debatable facts.

"Together We’ll Turn The Universal Key To Global Harmony & Create A Unified World."

Tune in often, tell all your friends, and most importantly may all your dreams come true!!