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This is < * 3 DJiFireTigressG{host} < * 3 Here to give you some musical therapy with various vibrations of a wide variety. If I do not have something you like, feel free to request something. : ) Check out my playlists if you want a more organized separation of music but I got a lot of work to do on those still. :)
Where is the love at? Why so much constant hate or fear? Do NOT give those who are social engineering chaos get to your mind, they will poke at sore spots or create them....
Its to late to stop the mass human extinction set to begin in 2030 when its beyond this world or our leaders or anything we even think we know about. They knew what was coming in 2030 in the 1950's at least from my research... So live your life, do your best, be prepared for the worst case scenario but hope for the best. Most of all never lose faith in the heavens, nothing happening is of light but sheer darkness dressed well with deception, illusions, wrapped in trickery of the hidden agenda behind the "climate crisis" and "pandemic" narratives embedded in the globalists depopulation agenda 21/2030 AKA "New Green Deal" and "Paris Agreement". Never forget this crazy weather is geoengineered like they social engineer chaos to divide to conquer humanity....

Avid researcher for well over a decade and activist 2011-2016. I passionately seek the truth, love to critically think and connect the dots to people, places, events and timelines. I do not think any theories are concrete as many things to come will defy much of what so many "experts" swear by while the glorified political whores in DC prop up the narrative with more holes in it then swiss cheese has in it..

Please avoid the word "democracy" which is soft socialism. If you know our history you know this was founded as a republic but turned into a banana republic..
We do live in a banana republic because Americans do not run America, those at the CFR and the owners of that foreign private bank Federal Reserve who are also mentioned in that treasonous Act of 1871.
The elections are rigged like the media is, everything is controlled down to the way they dress their puppets in red and blue to lead the illusion of choice with false paradigm (color psychology) but truly both sides are from same arm ones always controlled opposition of the hidden agendas with no end but the political whores in DC are all bought at the whore house the lobby.

I by no means take credit for any of the artists music or informative videos just merely keeping the information and music flowing. I just want to build a personal archive of music and informative videos that speaks to me or makes me remember loved ones. I know cancel culture is going to try to destroy everything that is remotely offensive or they do not understand or are brainwashed with CIA's MK Ultra of TV and social medias. I want to avoid Google altogether myself for many reasons personal and because of my intense research on what Google really is and why it should not exist. I use this for personal entertainment, research and never for personal gains, I do this on my free time as music is something I have always loved growing up and it does have the ability to heal or help people cope depending on the frequencies.