Hopalong Ginsberg
Hopalong Ginsberg
United States


Hopalong Ginsberg is a musician, songwriter, poet, scientist, philosopher, astronaut, diplomat, soldier of fortune, Nobel Peace Prize winner, minor deity, and unrepentant liar. He currently lives, but this may be subject to change without notice. Mr. Ginsberg did not kill Abe Vigoda.

When not writing, composing, or saving the universe, Hopalong is owned by a cat, who has strong opinions about how much time he should spend pampering her vs. the previously mentioned activities.

You can hear Hopalong's music at http://HopalongGinsberg.com/ and http://instagram.com/realhopalong, with the latter also including pix of his cat. Hopalong is not responsible for any damage to your mental health if you choose either of these options.