The Father of History
The Father of History


Because the Media is (premeditate) now in the hands of the history & politics & information manipulators, what we learn in school, we read in newspapers, see on Tv etc etc.. (about history, political and social info) is ÓR strongly distorted in the desired direction of the manipulators, ÓR complitelly upside down.
The reason for it can be found in the begining of this Apocalypse, which started in the 2-nd millenium BC, by the (oficial historical called) "Sea Peoples", a group of aparent 4 main races/nations (which were actual 2, but in 2 versions, mixed with humans, and original, not mixed) which brought the Apocalypse upon the Human Race (there si a documentary stil left on youtube about it. See this "The Colaps of the Bronze Age Civilisation" documentary on youtube, about the "Sea People", the perpetual killers of the human race, who they are/were: . at minute 41:30 both races of those Sea Peoples are named.
There are many clip names about this subject on the net and about these subhumans/anti-humans "Sea Peoples", pirates, cutthrouts. There they also say WHAT NATIONS were those (minute 41:30), nations (now only one of them) which have since allways the aim to exterminate humanity, as revenge because they do not belong to it.

Now, after 4000 years, they are stil at it. There are countless evidence about this, many coming from these Sea Peoples themselfs, but they are strongly censored, eliminated (and the accounts which posts them) from Youtube, Facebook, and all the other Media, own by the same Sea Peoples today, which also own the banks (including the Federal Bank), the gun industry, Big Pharma, and even the (most of them) governments allovee the planet.

This channel brings real (& proven & verifiable) evidence about our REAL HISTORY, a subject not only very omportant for the human race, but of CAPITAL IMPORTANCE, as history is politics with another namem, and politics influences 100% all our lifes, from top to bottom.

Besides, ALL we do today, it's a consequence (or decision) we took yesterday, or other day in our past, otherwise called "history".
Therefore, if we want to survive and STOP our ongoing extermination ( ), there is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN HISTORY and the knowledge of WHO are we, WHERE we come from, WHAT our ancestors stood for, died for (for us today to be free! And we are NOT free today, because we spat on the sacrifices our ancestors made for us today) and created for us.

Important to remember is that WE EXIST TODAY ONLY BECAUSE our ancestors sacrificed themselfs in countless wars against the Sea Peoples, and they willingly died, so we can live.
IF WE DO NOT DO ANYTHING to continue their work of saving the humanity, we do not only commit willingly suicide for no reason, but we do a capital favour to our own killers (the Sea Peoples), while we also spit on the graves and sacrifices wich countless generations of our ancestors made for us, so we can enjoy today the work, and creations they did for us since the beginning of time.

That goes also for making children. Our ancestors fought and died so your seed could go on. If you make no children today (or only 2 to stagnate the grows, or even 1 to reduce your family), all your past generations (since the beginning of Time) have died FOR NOTHING, as you today KILL ALL THEIR endless eforts to continue your race/family through procreation.

My message to you is this:

Be brave and live with dignity, honesty and honour! All your ancestors live within you. Honour them, their efforts, their sacrifices and their goal to save you and future generations.
If you do not do that, you would of lived for nothing, and when you'll die, it will be like you never existed at all, as well as all you past generation which FOUGHT FOR YOU, and now dissapears because of YOUR DOING.
Make sure you live something behind, your legacy in knowledge, in fighting for freedom (for yourself and future generations, which will continue your fight as we continued the fight of our ancestors), and in procreating your human race/family.


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