Ann M. Wolf
Ann M. Wolf
United States

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Recording Artist, Author, Speaker - A Voice for Freedom

Essential Freedom 2 Ways - Freedom of Soul/Liberty of Life:
Reaching across political, cultural, and denominational boundaries, I promote understanding of the value and price of two kinds of Freedom through my artistic works. The first is "Freedom of Soul" which is experienced via our ongoing, personal relationship with God, as we learn to follow the Two Commandments which are, "To Love God" & "Love Others."

The 2nd Freedom is "Liberty of Life," due to the sacrifices of those who serve in harm's way on our behalf and who have done so for decades.

Teaching Freedom: I promote understanding of our US Constitution & the teaching of the tenets of Liberty at home, in communities & at institutions of learning in the United States and all around the world.

Compassionate Action: In addition to being a voice for freedom, I support various humanitarian efforts which offer encouragement to those who are in service to others or who are recovering from mental or physical illness, injury, or addiction. I also serve as a voice for more causes that address critical issues such as homelessness, extreme poverty and the preservation of the environment by employing the use of common-sense innovations and technology.

The main ways in which I express these values as just described, is through the creation of specially crafted songs, albums, narrations, posts, books, and public presentations which address both Freedom of Soul & Liberty of Life as well as the other mentioned topics of healing, recovery, and unity via our mutual connection to the Spirit of God.

Music Genres: My style varies, from Blues to Bluegrass, but the message is always one of hope, forgiveness of self & others, healing, and redemption.