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Zero Inflation - Middle Class

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Published on 15 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

Warning Whites you are Hated

Whites – liberals and conservatives – have become very weak, having been under attack the past 60-plus years. For some reason, they allowed “people of color” from socialist and communist “s–hole countries” to come here, both legally and illegally, and turn our communities into those countries. These third world people vote against freedom and moral values. They are brainwashed to hate white people and cry “racism” when any whites – liberals or conservatives – disagree with them.

Biden, WH claims US has ‘zero inflation’ despite annual rate remaining 8.5%

President Biden tried to claim Wednesday that the US had “zero inflation” in July hours after federal Consumer Price Index data showed annual inflation dipping only slightly to 8.5%, which outraged Republicans and other critics who pointed out it’s still near a four-decade high.

The latest figures reflected a demand-driven decline in fuel prices — including gasoline, which hit a record national average of $5 per gallon in mid-June before sliding to a still-high $4 average today — that offset increases in the cost of food, rent and other goods and services.

Inflation Will Destroy the Middle Class

The prospect of inflation in the United States has moved quickly from a fringe idea to become the consensus among the financial literati. With a proposed $1.9 trillion stimulus package following unspent previous rounds, the Federal Reserve is forcing excess liquidity into markets where it has no place to go other than fueling financial asset bubbles.

As I wrote recently, there are multiple warning signs in financial, energy, food, and other commodity markets that the inexorable process has begun. Inflation is now running much hotter than anyone would have expected.

Basic Income and Handouts for People Who Are “Unwilling to Work”

But the part of the plan that produced the most controversy was the promise to provide “economic security” to those “unwilling to work.” This generated so much mockery that it no longer appears in any supporting documents and some supporters even claim that it never was part of the plan.

But some true believers aren’t backing down. Let’s look at some excerpts from Christine Emba’s recent column in the Washington Post.

Man Convicted Of Child Sexual Assault Dies After Drinking 'Cloudy' Liquid In Courtroom

A 57-year-old man in Texas died Thursday shortly after being convicted of child sexual assault, according to his lawyer.

Edward Leclair, who was charged with five counts of child sexual assault, started drinking from a plastic water bottle filled with what appeared to be clear liquid after a Denton County jury found him guilty Thursday afternoon, NBC News reported, citing Leclair's defense attorney Mike Howard.

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