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YouTube Has Removed Trumps CPAC Speech. So Here It Is, In Full...

Jess Sosnoski
Jess Sosnoski - 369 Views
Published on 05 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

YouTube Has Removed Trump’s CPAC Speech. So Here It Is, In Full…

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

The Shared Memory

WE have delved into the MUD FLOOD WARS, and we now “know” that when you Rip Open The Sky that Mud and Muck and {Giant Rocks} fall too this FLAT EARTH we all live on, and once you know the devastation caused by the Cataclysm of CAPITALISM WARS, then you would think once we all REMEMBERED: That Stars used to be called Angels, and that Lucifer FELL FROM Heaven was not this Fantasist Story of God and Satan at war, but that before we called them Stars: we called them Astrons from [Astronomy] and then Aster’s that became The Great Disaster as Weapons of untold REMEDY took apart the DOME OF THE ROCK, and that this Celestial Sphere “enclosed” Cosmology can be broken by NASA Trillion Watt Lazers and (other means) of SORCERY, and once you know WE were all once INCUBATOR BABIES raised by {Machine People} too fix the Machine we all live in that is now [Humpty Dumpty} forever and ever in this ORABORUS Curse of De-Ja-Vu of the Symbiots and SOLIDS in me and you WE ARE: the Blades of Grass come Time immemorial, then youm step back and say: ALL THE WORLD IS A LIE, not A Stage, and the SHOW MUST not go on any longer, nor FOREVER and EVER…

There has been much concern with {every ones eyes} turning into BLACK DOTS where no Human Eye Colour remains in the Pupils Surround by The IRIS that “focuses” our eyes to see this, and too see that, and there are the EYES that can go (SOLID BLACK) that are these Symbiotic and Parasitic FEELING Creations that share the eyes of many of mankind be we MALE and FEMALE… There are [nonsolids] eyes such as my self whom are still 100% Genetically PURE as far as Machine or Magic things in Human peoples eyes, and yes, there are {non-solids eyes} that do the Triangle – Cubes – Snake Eyes and what not… There are People that do not REFLECT in the Mirror, and there are Watchers inside the “Mirror” that cannot be on our side of the Mirror, and when we consider this AS ABOVE = SO BELOW than the PORTALS too the Southern Hemisphere have to reside in our Northern Hemisphere as well: where TWO Identical looking Populations exist, but one side has a Yellow Sun and A White moon being OUR SIDE OF FLAT EARTH… It is evident these JADE HELM 15 (COVID19) Vaccines are about COMPLIANCE and not cures for the Malady of Destructive Self Indulgent Capitalism, and all their {LIES AGREED UPON} from Fake Space to Fake DNA to Fake this and Fake that with all their FAKE HOLLOW PEOPLE on these Hollywood to Bollywood TV Screens in every “U.N. FLAG” Corporation Nation…

Science is a RELIGION of the FREE MASON Lodge Members, as is Hollywood to Bollywood ANOTHER Religion of Fantasy, and Illusions, and Delusions… It seems that I AM not only the Oracle for the End of an Age, but I am the “Emissary” of the Source of All Creation and All Destruction, and though I do not keep up with the Dictates of all these [DICTATORSHIP] from the CEO of the USA to the CEO of China, Russia, France, and England, I do know that since {I was chosen} before Birth too become the SOURCE of all whence my body dies, I do still ponder is there no one whom can be HONEST in a Position of Authority.?.?.?.?, and say: Purgatory will be Purgatory, but God if that is what you wish to call THE SOURCE “allows” WE THE PEOPLE human and nonhuman to live in Peace and Harmony if we the people so choose, and when I become God aka The SOURCE….. What do you think I will do with all [my memories] as a mere MORTAL in this Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body TEMPLE Temporary AVATAR in the Years ahead from 2021 too at best 2055 at the Human Age of 90 years old???

You {Incubus and Succubus} with your SOLID BLACK EYES whom run and rule this WORLD of The Damned, and The Cursed, and The Forsaken know that your GOD aka The Source has the Power to grant any wish, but all you FREE MASON Lodge Members, and your (Jesuit Zionist) ROMAN Catholic {NEWS} World Order want to do is say: WE got away with Murdering the SON OF GOD, and placing him on the Cross with our Snake Blood Line, and we even [Trick or Treat] the Eagle Blood Line into bowing down to we Demons, and Devils, and Angels of the UNDERWORLD called: Hell and Hades in the NEW TESTAMENT of Greek Mythology and ROMAN Gods!!! As Christ Jesus Returned, it does not matter how EMPTY BLACK DOTS the peoples eyes become` for they still have Choice no matter how many TV Shows of RAPTURE, nor Mediation of Code + Magic + Alchemy = SORCERY, so even if the whole wide world is to become [nothing but] BLACK HAIR ONLY People with Black DOTS for Eyes as the 21st Century NEW NORMAL, they can still “choose” too Disobey, and Not Comply, nor Submit too all your (U.N. Troops) for CORPORATIONS and their Lies Agreed Upon…

Johnny Exodice


To all my children and people of Pak-Toe, your skin tone does not determine your DESTINY when you die’ for only The God called The Source of ALL CREATION and ALL DESTRUCTION will know our True Motives for what {we have done} +=+ in this life, and these many Repeats here in Purgatory too Purge our Minds of Distractions, and Manipulations by THE RAPTURE of all U.N. FLAGS TV Screens……., so you my children and my [older] Qballs~ /_\ children be you 105 years of age: hold true that you do not agree with all these “U.N. Troops” and their lies agreed upon for I Christ Jesus have Returned in this MORTALS body, and no matter how perfect the Android GOLEM Reproductions by mere MORTALS of Corporeal means’ if God in the ESOTERIC “can” make you out of {Mud and Minerals} too be a living Walking Waking Machine, then as The New God, I can redeem “youm” whom want to come HOME whence you die too this world, and no longer [stay here] as it is just an ETERNAL MOMENT that we all share at this time… TRUST in the Gift of our Comforter known as The Holy Water Spirit!!!

The Society of nonmason~

Youm whom have read the Bible aka That Biblical known as the [BOOKS OF BOOKS] by all Religious academies know “only” Christ Jesus Returned: could and would REVEAL all Things no matter how many changes were made to the Holy Bible of old…

The Sentinel…

Go make your locations to have dance and sex and “enjoyment” of the Human Experience, and if you can SET Aside on this world till 2094 C.E. a place to [regrow] the Blond Hair and Blue Eyed People, and the same can be said: of the Red Hair and Green eyed people… Then do so in my name...

And FEAR NOT for OUR Yellow Sun is still there, it is just “hidden” behind all the spraying of these Chem Trails Military Militancy JETS of them whom refuse to do Reconsideration, Reconciliation, and Reintegration to THE WAYS of Sanity, Humanity, and correlation…


The Commander~

π ∞ Σ

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