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Your Part in the Family System - Jerry Wise

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Published on 07 Apr 2023 / In People and Blogs

Jerry Wise MA, MS, CLC
Family Tree's Live Stream June 9, 2020

Seeing your part in the family (relationship) system is very important in doing the work of self-differentiation.
Jerry explains how the relationship system operates.

He shares about
Process vs Content thinking
Systems thinking
Zoom-out thinking

Gaining awareness allows us to detach from enmeshed and problematic relationship patterns.

Relationships are interacting units. What seems to be incomprehensible problems makes sense when seen in the light of systems thinking.

Check out Jerry's YouTube Channel, Jerry Wise MA, MS, CLC

He and his team work with individuals, couples, families, businesses, and organizations to become healthy, mature, strong self-differentiating people and leaders.

To work with Jerry Wise or one of his team members associates, contact him at
[email protected]

Also check him out on Spotify and for online and offline listening. Listen anywhere.

"Not How but When" - Jerry Wise

RIP Mark Smith
Thank You!

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gang 8 months ago

Assange became involved with Leif Hamilton, whom Julian Assange later described as "a member of an Australian cult" called The Family.

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