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You cannot support Police and support Freedom at the same time - Larkin Rose

Texas Outlaw
Texas Outlaw - 212 Views
Published on 01 Dec 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

Larkin Rose does an excellent job (As usual) explaining the complete insanity of supporting corporate Politicians and Police.
You cannot be "Free" in a world where you "support" people who want to control every aspect of your life!

The United States is a Corporation, and does NOT serve "We the People."

What they do is deceive you into consenting to be a Slave, paying them tribute, and sending men with guns to commit violence against you when you do something they don't approve of!

To have a crime there must be a VICTIM!
Road Pirates ignore this little fact and conduct roadside Piracy Operations across this nation. Designed to fleece you out of any income they did not get when they stole half of your paycheck.

Then they steal your inalienable human rights and sell them back to you!
Like a "Fishing License" where you need their permission to fish!

I don't recall Yahuwah saying to "Give your dominion away"
The way I recall it He said to "Take dominion over the Earth"

Unfortunately, the corrupt, Satanic scumbags in government took it as
"Take dominion over your fellow man, enslave them and rob them every chance you get"

And this is something we must remedy folks!
Or your future is bleak, and your children won't have a future at all

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original video: YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT

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