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You Are Golem You serve M'Lord

Unoraza DragonsPaw_Blogspot
Published on 30 Nov 2023 / In Spiritual

A very interesting "Outer Limits" episode S02E16 depicting the machinations of this reptilian cult within; do keep in mind they're not even physical let alone ALIEN, that is until they take over individuals of two particular and related blood lines: Jews and Africans thanks to their shared "NDST3 Gene Variation"!
(Yet another hole in the "Khazarian MAFIA" baloney from the "13th Tribe"!)
See Season 2 Episode 16 'Deprogrammers'; funny coincidence they chose that episode number as it too ties into the Pi Menorah 1+6(7) and could also be read as 2*7, aka 14 of the Tribe of Dan, 'Snakes along the Road'. It's on Youtube

(Watch the time markers as they're fully encoded!)

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