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You are a "Free Range Human" Slave - Larken Rose

Texas Outlaw
Texas Outlaw - 226 Views
Published on 02 Dec 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

The concepts for everything in this video originated from Larken Rose, despite others helping to produce it.
Freedom is something that we are told we have, but we don't.
Each and every one of us are Slaves to a system that we were born into.

Not a single one of us "consented" to this system, but we have endured a lifetime of Propaganda and Brainwashing to keep us in slavery by lying to us and telling us we are free.

Free Men are not forced at the barrel of a gun to give the fruits of their labor to other people. Free Men do not "delegate their authority" to others, who use it to enslave them and control every aspect of their life!

These are fairy tales that you were indoctrinated with when you were forced to attend a Rockefeller funded school system which brainwashed you and taught you to bow to perceived "authority."

I bow to nobody but my Creator, the Most High.
And you shouldn't either!

If you cannot see that you are just as much of a slave as any man in the past on a plantation, then I say that you are blind! The only difference is that the plantation got bigger, and now you have to pay for licenses, permits, and insurance to travel from one part of the plantation to another.

It is time for the people of the world to STOP being slaves of the illegitimate Corporations which have deceitfully called themselves "government," when in fact they are nothing more than for-profit CORPORATIONS who have committed Fraud by lying and deceiving the people into entering fraudulent "contracts" with them.

These people "Assume" that you consent because YOU have not contested their claim of jurisdiction over your life! It's time this stops.

It's time for freedom to get into the driver's seat!

If you have not yet watched it I suggest checking out "The Jones Plantation" by Larkin Rose. And be sure to subscribe to his YouTube, Rumble, BitChute etc... Channels! Support those who fight for YOUR FREEDOM!

Featured video: FAMILIAR EVIL by Larkin Rose - YouTube - BitChute

Featured video: Government Explained by Man Against The State (Inspired by Larkin Rose)

"We ALL live on the Jones Plantation"
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anoncoward 3 months ago

If you don't care about the white people trapped in the criminal part of town, you mean nothing. Tough shit. No sympathy for you.

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