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Plane Gets Stuck in a Tree

sammenticus - 314 Views
Published on 17 Apr 2021 / In Hobby

Given that the attempt at automatic landing in the last flight was almost successful, I adjusted the route to fly 20 ft. higher, so that I could give it another chance.

0:32 - I switch into automatic landing mode.
0:38 - I lose all faith that it has any idea what it's doing, and put it back in manual mode and attempt to turn around before it hits the trees.

After quickly determining that me and my mother had no way to retrieve the plane, we decided to leave the park in order to obtain a ball with a string tied to it that I have for such occasions but for some reason wasn't in the car, though the plane was so high that I wasn't sure I'd be able to throw the ball high enough to hit it.

On the way out of the park I saw some 20 year-olds getting ready for some football practice and figured they could probably throw a football high enough. So I asked for their assistance. They tried about 10 times, and were able to throw the ball high enough, but all of the limbs around made it difficult to actually hit the plane. So they tried other things like attempting to climb up the tree a bit to shake it more effectively than we could from the ground, and they also found a long pipe in the woods which was too heavy and not long enough to reach the plane. Eventually it occurred to me to use the pipe as a lever to rock the tree back and forth, which caused the plane to fall into a lower tree from which they were easily able to retrieve it. I gave them $20 for their help.

Unfortunately the camera battery went dead before the plane was retrieved, so there is no video of that.

I'll have to analyze the "black box" data later to get a better idea of what went wrong, but I noticed when the plane was in the tree that the GPS module had fallen off and was hanging by its wires. I didn't notice this before the plane was in the tree, so perhaps it happened during the crash, but if it happened earlier in the flight, it could have caused exactly this, as the compass is in the GPS module and so the plane would have had no idea which direction it was flying.

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