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X22-E2479b - The Tide Is Turning The 2020 Election Will Go Down As The Crime Of The Century

Morpheus 9-11
Morpheus 9-11 - 503 Views
Published on 17 May 2021 / In News and Politics

The people are seeing the true economic agenda of the [CB]. As time goes on more and more people will start to push back at the [CB] economic policies, the people are waking up. The Biden administration is trying to defend it all but it is failing. The economic war is real. The [DS] knows the clock is ticking down, the election fraud audits are now spreading to other states. The tide is now turning and people are seeing everything in real time. The Biden administration is now struggling the puppet masters are now in overdrive to complete their agenda and the people are now pushing back and showing the invisible enemy who really has the power. The 2o20 Presidential election will go down as the crime of the century, Out of chaos there is also opportunity.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

25 years ago, going to Canada, we had to show credit cards or $1500 cash PER PERSON to prove we could pay for our medical care while in the country. AND WE WERE JUST VISITING FOR A WEEK. Permanent illegals / immigrants? OF COURSE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED HERE FOR FREE MEDICAL. I am a Citizen, & don't get free medical!!

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