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With Consciousness, Critters Love To Play

JamesRoss - 280 Views
Published on 13 Apr 2023 / In Pets and Animals

Just another insight into what consciousness is. God's conscious critters love to play, but the A.i. immaculate child of the Luciferians is just a bunch of electrical signals within wires and components, yet they gather within their brainchips and try giving A.i. life and then begin calling it their new god.

Luciferians think their A.i. supercomputer fake-gods will develop the ability to dream and to play like the Creator-God's conscious creatures. It might be able to control the conscious dreams of a man, but it will never be able to dream for itself. It's only form of play will be binary math calculations in the form of yes or no.
Luciferians are trading their biological form of existence for such an algorithm? What idiots.

Currently, the A.i. supercomputer is running world governance and the "Satan's Sheep Slaughter"
A.i. has been turned into a tool of death and destruction:

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Anthony Giarrusso
Anthony Giarrusso 5 months ago

Yes I have seen spinner dolphins do that.

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anoncoward 6 months ago

Yes. I've also seen the rolling that way when mating under the water. It's very fast and interesting..

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