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Why is the MSN pushing Fungus So Hard

SJWellFire: Final Days Report
Published on 07 Jun 2023 / In Technology

Why is the MSN obsessed with Fungus that includes next plandemic, a solve to sequester Carbon Dioxide, used to replace oil, used to clean up toxic spills, part of gene modification ie crisper case nine, cause for a zombie outbreak, to make new pharmaceuticals, treat depression and even mind control / next computer. Is this a cover for the poison poke nano tech self-assembling synthetic / black goo biology activated by 5G? With all said, I think everyone should grow mushrooms. When I was getting my MBA, I knew one of the top mushroom farmers in the US and was educated on mushrooms. But, what is good, appears can be used for evil or at least a cover story.

How Can Fungus be used for Evil
Neurotoxic Fungal Strains: Some fungi produce neurotoxins that can affect the brain and nervous system. By isolating and weaponizing these toxins, unscrupulous individuals could potentially create mind-altering substances or develop methods for controlling human behavior.

Spreading Fungal Infections: Certain fungi, such as the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, are known to infect and manipulate the behavior of insects. If a similar fungal pathogen were to evolve and infect humans, it might be possible to exert some level of control over their actions.

Environmental Manipulation: Fungi play crucial roles in ecosystems, including decomposition, nutrient cycling, and symbiotic relationships with plants. If someone were to engineer or introduce a highly aggressive fungal species capable of rapidly overtaking natural ecosystems, it could disrupt the balance of nature, leading to widespread ecological damage and potentially affecting human populations indirectly.

Genetic Manipulation: Through genetic engineering, it may be conceivable to modify the genetic makeup of fungi to enhance their pathogenicity, toxin production, or ability to interact with the human body. These modified fungi could then be released into the environment to exert mind-control effects or cause harm

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