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Who Is March For Our Lives? | UtahGunExchange Aims to Find Out #TakeYourCountryBack

UGEStephanie - 394 Views
Published on 16 Aug 2018 / In Film and Animation

Utah Gun Exchange has been traversing the country on our #UGEFreedomTour. Coincidentally on this tour, March For Our Lives has also been on tour. We have spent the last few weeks following and participating in the MFOL's events in hope for actual discussion. That is what we have found in meeting with the MFOL's group in Florida.

On this tour, we have found the students messages don't reflect the organizers. The students are in the exact same business we are in: school safety and tragedy prevention. Having learned that we want to work together to achieve this goal without trampling our constitutional rights like the organizers of MFOL want.

If you would like to support what we are doing you can do so here:

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Julia Tuft
Julia Tuft 2 years ago

Welcome to the UGETube Community! Looking forward to more videos!

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OurCurrentReality 2 years ago

after further watching this video, i begin to realize these "KIDS" have no idea whats going on and how to go bout this. seems like the 5 seconds of summer is UP!!!

we have a video we will be posting very soon about a man who was arrested, jailed and convicted for having pepper spray gun and the state said it was a firearm. very sad

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OurCurrentReality 2 years ago

OCR here. watching your video, i like the beats and intro is toast! very good. bout time a site stood up #UGE

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50 RD
50 RD 2 years ago

Understand this if you join a organization and pay a fee they use the membership of members and their fees to lobby congress with their hidden agenda.
* Hunting Clubs done that~ And now only the rich can hunt elk and moose and bear and caribou and everyone else has to get a 2nd mortgage on their own house to hunt in their own country,..... to pay for the outfitter and guide.
* And you can see exactly what the NRA is doing puking out COP VOMIT,..... Talking about all of the criminals loose on the streets?
Nope there's no way that can be so,.........unless in the transformation from freedom to Fascism the change the citizen to criminal.
One guy out there is saying oh look the NRA prays at the beginning of every meeting?
Even the Devil has herd of deception?
Well I'm pretty sure Jim Jones started out his meetings of the peoples temple out with prayer but he ended it with mass suicide of all members?
Walk like a duck talk like a duck and your a cooked govt trying to usurp the peoples constitutional rights.
Under stand the schools shootings were fake~ carried out by crisis actors portraying the govt's wish's.
Understand they use college kids to join organizations to state the govt's wish's.
The American people want gun and the American govt don't want you to have guns?
Well we don't know its a big secret.
How is your New Country treating you?
See when you had 99 cent gas France had $5.00 gas their Govt starved them out of all their right's but they went kicking and screaming but all they got was French brand Obama Care Slavery everyone has to work even retards and if you don't like your job you get free college,....... oh yeah free health care and free college are not really free the more you make the more they take.
Then The United States Govt made every American a slave and it was just another day?
Now every American must work because they are now slaves to Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance companies and Pharmaceutical Companies.
Donald Trump campaigned on repeal and replace Obama care,........Then Donald Trump did not repeal or replace Obama Care.
Piers Morgan said on the BBC Guy's Trump is one of us,...... his mum was born here guys he considers his self half British.
The govt of the rich by the rich for the rich~ look at the price of guns and Ammo
Only the rich can hunt.
And look at the NRA saying all of the criminals on the streets so It must be a crime to be poor,... cop vomit.
Allowing an organization to speak for all your rights can cost you all of your rights.
It will start out with Prayer and end with someone rubbing their sore spot.
Look around what will you do when they point the law at you like its a gun to fleece you like a sheep,..... the court run like big business to only make a profit and the jury you face is all crisis actors who only give the Judge or Prosecutor the verdict they wanted.
And when you hit prison your sore spot will get even sorer.

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