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When Cellphone Networks Block You or Die, Here Are 3 Backup Comm Radios You Could Use

JamesRoss - 76 Views
Published on 18 Sep 2023 / In Technology

If you trust your cell phone for emergencies... you are naive.
You are living in the times where the Freemason/Luciferians are slaughtering the sheeple with clot-shots... thUgs(rising their NWO Utopia for thugs) run the cellphone microwave-tower networks(they are the secret communist and fasicst) and they have the capacity to digitally block-out the non-Cult people during a designed emergency kill-off like in Maui.

You need to begin thinking ahead of their kill-off sabotage. How do you communicate with the other non-Cult people of good-intent... not through the digitally controlled microwave prison-grid.

You see, this type of preparedness will not be suggested by judas goats like Bill Hicks(aka Alex Jones or other proclaimed anti-NWO bullshit artist-traitors).
You need to start thinking locally and analog, which is not controlled by the Cult of Freemasons.

Brainchip-zombies and assassin will be remote-controlled by Freemasons digitally, digital is the NWO's mind-control power over the masses. If you shut down your local digital "Luciferian fake-Light" then you will be more capable to identify the murderous, masonic thUgs and save your community.
The Luciferian plan is to kill-off all the sheeple... and if you did not join any NWO-Cult, then they see you as a human for the culling. Power in numbers... and communication with good people is how we will save ourselves from extinction.

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