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What we Should all be Doing Right Now!

Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev - 105,059 Views
Published on 04 Mar 2021 / In Comedy
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Mitchell Johnston
Mitchell Johnston 1 day ago

For more information on covid and how it relates to Bible prophecy, look here

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eveloveslife 3 days ago

??? yep that describes it!

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joeonspencercounty 5 days ago

Please research- - for entirely lawful and peaceful remedy for all that has taken place and continues to erode worldwide. Please consider joining your own American State Assembly soon. Self-governing is our responsibility as truly American men and women; land and soil jurisdiction. Thank you.

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Iveylisa44 7 days ago

Well thanks for clearing up the confusion ? this is exactly what they sound like though.

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Transparent Thoughts

They are making everyone so confused, even to forget what we knew and eventually our names. .. they are so ridiculous sick with the World Order/Reset /Control. People wake up and stop masking. Stop following and complying. Don't get vaccinated. Do not get your kids vaccinated!!! Get Religion back in your homes. Get your family togerther again. Stop 'accepting' Unnatural stuff from your kids. Show them God's way. And how nature and God made the male and female animal, plants-male female-/humans - male -female. They want to destroy all this just so they can control people better! WAKE UP. Teach your kids value, morals, God!

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