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What To Expect If You Go Along With Freemason Politicians Who Serve The Devils

JamesRoss - 227 Views
Published on 30 Nov 2023 / In People and Blogs

The NOT so Distant Future – (The Technology already exists)
Freemasons are designing into society this type of future... you must work against this or you will get it, very soon.

Actually, you will not be fed... famine comes after the clot-shots, then the brainchipzombies will roam the streets if you let Freemason politicians rule your birthrights given to you from the Creator-God to protect with your good-intent for others. The cUlt makes video games and a "dog-eat-dog-world" so that you lose your compassion for other people's well-being... then you are following in the foot-steps of the Freemasons and the Luciferians who are the epitome of failing souls.

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