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The Light Bulb Initiative
Published on 23 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

As absurd as it sounds we find ourselves once again faced with another tragic loss of human life that leaves more questions than answers. And once again opportunistic vultures, otherwise known as gun control advocates and Democrats that hate our Constitution, will emerge from their caves, swoop down, and pick the bones clean to satiate their hunger for the death of our nation. We are facing a serious threat to the safety and well-being of our law abiding American brothers and sisters and it isn’t firearms. A firearm is an inanimate object incapable of awareness, motivation, or mobility. One would think this obvious truth would be common sense, however it’s never taken into consideration when the vultures are calling for more “common sense” gun laws. It’s almost as if, when they say “common sense”, they’re not talking about anything that would be considered COMMON knowledge nor anything that would make SENSE to the educated and well informed. To put it simply, tools don’t kill people; people do. And they do it with their hands and feet, they do it with motor vehicles, they do it with knives, they do it with bombs, they do it with arrows, they do it by accident, they do it on purpose, they do it for love, they do it out of hate, they do it to protect, they do it to oppress, and yes, they do it with firearms. With the number of murders committed with hands and feet in comparison to firearms, it’s clear that the human body, by the manipulative definition of the anti-2A advocates, should be reclassified as an assault weapon. These ignorant and misguided advocates are playing a game that everyone is going to lose. That everyone is losing. If we all care about the preservation of human life and we want to mitigate violence perpetrated using firearms, then we need to stop trying to create more defenseless victims and start addressing mental illness, recidivism, education and the breakdown of the nuclear family. The escalation of mass shootings over the last 3 decades is not an argument to unconstitutionally disarm the American citizenry, but instead, stands as a blaring example of why every law abiding citizen should have a gun on their hip at all times.


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