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What is Freedom? Will We Ever Be Completely Free?

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Published on 15 Feb 2022 / In News and Politics

This is a short promotion video for The Freedom Project 2020 website, the 3 companion video series, and the proposed Natural Law Republic that shows everyone how we can free ourselves from the false paradigm in which we live once we UNITE and work towards implementing this new social order that guarantees sovereignty and all power is restored BACK to the individual!!

There is only ONE way to peacefully and non-violently extricate ourselves from the evil and greedy corporatocracy that has infiltrated the entire world. That one way was told to us by Buckminster Fuller decades ago when he wrote,

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

And that is the key to transitioning to a new world without resorting to the war, collapse, chaos, and disorder model of the past in which the worst of the worst have always and invariably filled the power vacuum with more psychopathic delusions of grandeur. I have spent years and tens of thousands of hours at great personal sacrifice building a new model than will make the current legacy model of enslavement obsolete and create a world of freedom and abundance for all.

We can overcome this mess into which we have apathetically gotten ourselves, but it will take personal effort on EVERYONE's part to do so. The three video series below should be viewed in the following order to understand the nature of our reality, the vision for a better future aligned with Natural Law, the road map to get to this destination, and the structure of a new society in which personal responsibility replaces the top-down power paradigm and power is fully restored to the individual.

1. Parts 1-12 of "Manifesting a New Reality"
2. Parts 1-6 of "The Path to Freedom"
3. Parts 1-5 of “Creating a Natural Law Republic”
4. Parts 7-12 of “The Path to Freedom”

NO ONE is coming to save us. If we are to be FREE, it will be up to us to make it so. This is a plan that will require a MINIMUM of 10% of the population to implement. Once a 10% critical mass is achieved, the tipping point will be reached and the rest will follow us to create this new reality!! There is NO other option that doesn’t involve an incredible amount of pain, misery, and hardship for millions or billions around the world. This is a rEVOLution of the MIND and together, we will create this new world with our positive actions of building it as it should have been built from the beginning!


Full documentation and original writings are available for reading and download on the following page at The Freedom Project 2020 website here:

Music credits courtesy of Karl Casey at White Bat Audio on YouTube!

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