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What's Happening with the Russian Naval Blockade? All Media is Lying!

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 27 May 2022 / In News and Politics

The Russian naval blockade that's allegedly going on in the Black Sea!

The naval blockade impeding grain filled ships that are preventing ships from leaving Ukraine to feed the world….

There is no Russian blockade! But there is a Zelensky regime blockade!

The Russians aren't blocking the various ports in Ukraine; the grains are preventing the ships from exiting the ports.

One big issue; Ukraine has mined that area of the Black Sea. The mines are very old, the tethers that held them in position broke and some mines are floating around in the Black Sea causing all kinds of problems.

The Turks are livid because they have to deal with the dangerous mines washing-up on the beaches. They’re actually safer to handle them the beach then floating randomly in the water!

The Russians understand how Ukrainian grain is very necessary for the people of the Middle East and Africa, but not as important to Western Europe.

The Middle East and North Africa, mainly Egypt, depends on Ukrainian grain! The shipments are blocked by Zelensky, not the Russians.

The Russians have established a humanitarian corridor through the Black Sea so that ships can leave the port in Odessa; the other ports Zelensky controls. Ships go through the humanitarian corridors to deliver goods to the people who need them

The lie is to cover the agriculture problems in the west that have been building a few years before the Covid lockdown mess! The problem with the industrial agricultures system is big industry has taken over much of American agriculture to create problems of scarcity so the mega corporations owning farmland can make more money!

They’ve been manipulating their position to make more jack!

I appreciate your support; without it my work of finding the truth and sharing the most compelling videos that explain what's truly happening, could not continue.

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We must wake the world and stop watching ALL News channels they deliver 100% propaganda and lies!

Search and share truth; we must all do our part in saving our world! When the world awakens the cabal will be dismantled.

Once they've been taken down, our lives will become better than ever! Every country will flourish, the way God intended!

It's going to take everyone in the world to help by looking for and understanding the truth; then saying NO to these wicked people.

The world united...will end the tyranny!

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FlyFloatFire 1 month ago

Thanks for this information. I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

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