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WH Does Cleanup for Biden's Constant "Misstatements", Plus This Week's TOP News 4/1/22

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Published on 02 Apr 2022 / In News and Politics

Ahead on this week's headline news: Joe Biden's weekly gaffs became daily ones this week as he was pressed by even legacy media outlets on his recent comments to take out Putin, which would put the United States in a state of war with Russia.

Hunter Biden looks like a sinking ship as the Washington Post has gotten on the reporting train, admitting that the laptop full of evidence of hookers, cocaine, and corrupt business dealings, is indeed, legit.

Maxine Waters makes a rare appearance on this week's "What Did They Just Say" segment by telling a group of homeless people they needed to go home... yup, just go home- you people without a home. Bloomberg put out a cheery article saying the average family will be paying $5000 more this year to stay alive, that's nice.

Biden also gave us a fantastic report showing the average electric car driver will save $80 a month by switching to electric. That's fantastic! At $52,000 that will only take about 50 yrs to pay off. Love it- keep it coming Joe. Oh, wait, you're telling us if we don't pass your spending bill we won't have enough money for more jabs? Yikes, that is a dire state. "Well the New World Order is coming!"... right, I'm sure that will take care of everything, won't it?

Should we even talk about the Florida bill and Disney? Yup, got to, they are programming young minds and you need to know what they are up to. That and updates from the Ukraine frontlines!
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