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Welcome To Statist Kanada! Where They’ll Politely Kill You If You’re Too Poor To Live!

Sineh - 197 Views
Published on 07 Jun 2022 / In News and Politics

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The Canadian government will now pay for those who are “too poor to continue living with dignity” to kill themselves, or according to the medical term, be euthanized:

'We're still in a pandemic': Trudeau defends extension of travel restrictions as industry groups demand relief:

Climate change to blame for monkeypox outbreak, says professor:

Police Charge Big Pharma Boss With Falsifying His Covid Vaccination Status:

Wait, what?… these idiots are vaccinating dead fish for Covid? I think I’m going to start being way more careful with what I eat…

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admits she was 'wrong' about inflation:

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chetsjug 1 year ago

I joined the Patriot movement in 1980 at 19. We started our learning of law to fighting traffic tickets & Going against the IRS. It's been a hard road trying to educate or wake up people.I drove cross country for many years and had great long conversations about politics around the coffee shop counters of America. It's amazing how many are at least 50% awake but don't know wow to proceed. It's also amazing how many are so dense they can't accept any part of the truth to even spark an interest to learn more. 3 patriots were eating with 4 or 5 other men at a literal square island counter where we could all face each other talking about State Sovereignty, A couple of the men knew we had a point on some issues, but 2 of the men stood fast to their belief that States were subordinate to the Feds. I reminded them that when crossing a border to a new state you had to enter a Port of Entry where they check you're paperwork (taxes and Commercial registration etc.) Only a Nation State has a "Port of Entry". Walking away they were heard saying we were stupid and going to jail.

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