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Weekly 2nd Amendment Update - Feb 3, 2023

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Published on 08 Feb 2023 / In Firearms

Daily Gun Show Episode 1,485

Pistol Brace Rule Lawsuits
S. 214, the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act
H.R. 790 Repealing Illegal Freedom and Liberty Excises (RIFLE) Act
H.R. 385, the No User Fees For Gun Owners Act
Illinois lost an appeal after lower court issued a restraining order on sate AWB = temporary restraining order stays in place and extended statewide
North Carolina = SB 40 Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal Act
West Virginia = HB 2004 protects credit card transaction privacy
Mississippi = HB 1110 prohibits Merchant Category Code MCC that identifies a seller of firearms or ammunition
Maryland = SB 327 hunting waterfowl on Sunday

117 gun control organizations call for a new gun control
H.R. 715 or the Bipartisan Background Check Act
H.R. 698 The Assault Weapons Ban Act
H.R. 625 ban standard-capacity magazines
H.R. 660 and S. 173 known as "Ethan’s Law"
H.R. 584, the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act
Connecticut = more gun control from Governor
Rhode Island = H 5300 sate AWB
New Mexico = SB 171 bans “a semiautomatic pistol that accepts a detachable magazine
Virginia Senate passed S.B. 1139 & S.B. 1382 require firearm retailers to post certain signage & AWB
Maryland = SB 86 and SB 113 age-based discrimination 18-20 & allowing frivolous lawsuits

NSSF-Adjusted NICS Background Checks for January 2023

Senate Bill 5232 Testimony - Permit to purchase bill

NFOA Online Townhall Meeting: LB77 Committee Hearing Recap

GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #130: Chris Kyle Day, Every 2nd Matters, and MORE!


FOURTH Judge Finds Illinois 'Assault Weapon Ban' Law UNCONSTITUTIONAL…

BREAKING NEWS!!! ATF Short Barreled Rifle & Pistol Brace Rule Is In Trouble!

Democrats Attacks Free Speech In A Bill Targeting The JR-15

RapidFire Episode 114 - Season 05 - Episode 10 - Important to Talk About 2nd Amendment

Professor Guns is here to tell you all about you first handgun!

Joe Morse, Cape Gun Works gunsmith & video artist - look out for his new video series On The Bench

Wednesday Night Live Chat #50 The 50TH Episode

Reloading From The Hot Pot Update

The AWESOME 🐶Puppies🐶 of SHOT Show 2023

Wednesday Night Mouse Party #42

Fire starter February kicks off tomorrow. Don't miss the fun we have in store. #FireStarterFebruary

Sniper Dynamics - Stalkland - MSM - Shotshow 2023

Bearing Arms' Cam Edwards on Pistol Brace Ban Updates and ATF Inconsistency | Full Podcast

Manifesto Radio Ep02 - Guest: Demoler

Second Chance Combat Shooting Tournament 1986

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