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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - July 29, 2022

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Published on 03 Aug 2022 / In Firearms

Daily Gun Show episode 1,355

Have you noticed how difficult it is to get information among the 'headlines'?
We are not required to tolerate these limited, similar options, We are not obligated to consume what is easy to produce & profitable for creators
Demand quality & deliberate intent

- Hulu refused to run Democrat Anti-Gun spots
- ATF Agent Caught Photographing A&D Books
- 17 States Join GOA In Fighting ATF’s New Frame/Receiver Ghost Gun Rule
- Mitch McConnell Censured
- Assault Weapons Ban pulled (Wednesday)
- HR2814 Pulled (Repeal of PLCAA) (Wednesday)
- AWB & PLCAA Repeal To Be Voted on Friday

US Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

US Representatives:
US Senators:

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Episode 101 | HR 1808, ATF Shenanigans, J6
@Locked & Loaded Latinos
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Instructor Interview #4 Julie Golob

Checking in, quick updates, what's going on in the world


Almont Nightly Firearms Expo 172

HR 1808 ASSAULT WEAPON BAN - Will it pass?
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‘Assault Weapon’ ban: Nancy Pelosi, media & AP Stylebook gun update
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OSD 179: Where order comes from
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Why Did FPC pick NJ for an AWB Lawsuit and Not My State?
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GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast 115: Things Instructors WISH We Could Say
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Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms on the House 'Assault Weapons' Ban | Full Podcast
@The Reload
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Gun Culture 3.0? Thoughts on the Diversity and Future of American Gun Culture (Light Over Heat #31)
@Light Over Heat with Professor David Yamane
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2A Heroes - Gone but not Forgotten
@King Pin
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RSWC 150 Joe Drammissi
@Riding Shotgun With Charlie
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Tony Simon!
@John Crump Live
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Unboxing 80 Year Old Soviet 7.62x54R Spam Cans
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How to laminate prints with your cold laminator
@Owl & Anchor Customs
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How to set up cut lines in Adobe Illustrator for VersaWorks
NFOA Online Townhall Meeting: Nebraska State Senator Tom Brewer
Scheduled for Aug 1, 2022
@Nebraska Firearms Owners Association
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Cape Gun Works on the Grace Curley Show
@Cape GunWorks
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Cape Gun Works Live - Home of RapidFire

Should Mass Shooter’s Parents Face Charges?
@Come And Talk It
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Eye on the Target Radio 7/24/2022
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Gun Owners Radio (Live)
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Senior CIA Officer Weighs in on Ukraine and Syria | Doug Wise | Ep. 155
@The Team House
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Jake from Walk the Talk America = Daily Gun Show 1,351

Ask Gun Questions 29 = We Answer Your Firearm Questions LIVE each Saturday

2A on IG this Week - July 24, 2022

EXO Drone = 3 Minute Introduction
Is the EXO Scout the Right Drone for You?

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