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We Used To Laugh At How Serious The Tech Prepper Was/Is (He Sensed Wicked Foundations?)

JamesRoss - 83 Views
Published on 02 Apr 2024 / In How-to and Style

Well, Now that you realize that the digital communications provided by the international and Masonic corporations are part of the infrastructure to help bring down Western Civilization... we can take the information from guys like Tech-Prepper more seriously as good (and even likely, live-saving) information.
Buy him a coffee for his good efforts for his community and country while the politicians and Freemasons you have given all your local authority to are backstabbing you as they rise their secret NWO under your noses.

I'm in Canada and this country is very compromised by the treacherous secret societies who are in every position of authority, already within a brainchip-hivemind-army of thUgs just waiting for the command to become the new tyrannical communists of Kanada.
The freemasons and eastern-stars who fill most (if not all) government-paid positions(even the trashman and gardener)... the whole system is ready to flip-over... and the sheeple just gawk at me( C-Theorist reaction-programming) if I tell them what is happening beyond their imaginations. They still think that protesting to a genocidal-Freemasons will do any good. The secret societies serve the ancient devils who sheepherded humanity for millennia. Homo capensis created the Mystery School sheepdogs(Jesuits, Zionists, Templars, Masons, etc) who also had their "Great Work" task of rebuilding the Tower-Of-Babel with Ai ruling the digital world... If you have not noticed, Ai is ruling the digital world since 2020. And now brainchip bio-robots are supposed to replace all the sheeple.

Human who are brainchipped can be remote-controlled, but are too rebellious to make suitable bio-robots. And that is where the Freemasons and Luciferians have been cloning starchildren to replace human sheeple:

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JamesRoss 15 days ago

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