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Was Gaddafi's Libya a Police State or a Popular Democracy?

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Published on 27 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Popular Democracy or Police State? (1997): A sceptical report on Gaddafi's Libya, its claims to democracy, and its manipulation of the foreign media.

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Synopsis: Gaddafi's Libya is place of multiple definitions. For example it defines itself as a democratic country, with the General People's Conference serving as a platform where any citizen may voice their opinion on any aspect of government legislation. It is this direct involvement with democracy, or popular democracy, that Libyans claim makes their nation so unique. Yet despite denials of an autocratic regime, with Coronel Gaddifi officially having no position in the government, one delegate admits that the people almost always agree with with his "suggestions", and no one seems sure of who exactly is in charge of the country. The way journalists are treated also resembles the paranoia of an insular dictatorship; they are banned from filming exteriors of their drive into Tripoli, spend days in hotel lobbies waiting for permission to film political conferences, and are denied any form of autonomy. ABC Australia reports from Libya, and attempts to shed light on the country's alternative version of democracy.

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gang 2 months ago

gaddafi is batista son

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