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Warning to America - The Greatest Depression of All Times Approaching Worse than 1929 - Be Prepared!.mp4

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Published on 08 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

"The Atlantis Report"

Warning to America: The Greatest Depression of All Times Approaching Worse than 1929 : Be Prepared!
Inflation, hyperinflation, financial collapse, societal collapse, and world war III. The only unknown is the timeline.

Lowered FED balance sheet, higher than expected unemployment, and the stock market at levels hedge funds previously sold a lot.
And just wait until the record level margin debt starts to get called in.
The Modern Monetary Theory an example of “a scholarly snow job” that “provides a cloak of credibility for Congress to spend unlimited amounts and for Congress to monetize that spending.
Currency devaluation destroys the purchasing power of the holders of the currency that they earned by their own efforts and risk.
It increases prices but not intrinsic values; that's not GDP growth.
Currency devaluation is a default on the promise to repay the purchasing power that was present in the currency when it was earned or borrowed.
It destroys wealth, which is theft of purchasing power.
Just look to Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela, to see how currency devaluation destroys confidence in the preservation of purchasing power.
Central bankers have pumped the biggest wealth gap in human history, the cure for which their media tells us - is socialism.
America's Worst Economic Depression is approaching. Be Prepared! It will hit the US before 2022, and World Markets will follow in no time.

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michael davino
michael davino 5 days ago

OUCH! i stopped sharing these everyday a month ago ... now i am depressed again. lol

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