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Warning That Brainchipped Children Will Quickly Turn On Parents In The NWO Takeover

JamesRoss - 252 Views
Published on 25 Mar 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

Medical Mafia Luciferians running hospital have been brainchipping children since 9/11/2001. They will quickly turn on parents and serve the NWO. Replace the Luciferians in government and police. Dismantle the microwave Tower-Of-Babel.

The symbol on her shirt would have been directed to be warn by their handlers. The Disk with wings is an old symbol of the sun, the doctrine the A.i. supercomputer which commands the initiates.... many feathers of control commanding the initiates. You see what symbol Celestial wears as she talks about the "Iron Spider" as she is herself is puppeted.

The same ancient, long-living, Homo capensis monsters that had Luciferians murdered truthers in the past Plans to replace Law and Order with religious dogma... tricked by the A.i. Tower-Of-Babel, brainchip-zombie, bio-robots.

You can see that brainchip-puppet Celestial has technology controlling her thoughts.
Thus Celestial is already a brainchip-zombie puppet-speaker for the ancient devils... already... you can see she is willing to kill for the words in her skull by a brainchip.

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