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Walter Veith & Martin Smith - New Cold War, Roe vs Wade, Hegelian Dialectic & Fireballs - WUP 125

ClashOfMinds - 330 Views
Published on 26 Jul 2022 / In Spiritual

In Episode 125 we look at current events and we try to correlate these events with prophecy. The war between Russia and Ukraine is still escalating, and NATO troops are on high alert. It seems as if a new cold war has started. The Supreme court's reversal of the ROE vs Wade ruling has caused major upheavals. Elon Musk's offer to purchase Twitter seems to favour the conservatives because of his stance on free speech. Can we trust everything we see, or is the pendulum being swung with the help of Hegelian dialectic to get the synthesis that the puppet master is aiming for?

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