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Wallace Thornhill Passed Away in 2023, Thunderbolts Crackle As Saturn Becomes A Dark Sun

JamesRoss - 261 Views
Published on 28 Nov 2023 / In Science

The passing of Wal's physical life seeking truth on Feb. 7, 2023

Wal explains where Earth accumulated it's precious water. He also explains how Saturn developed it's ice-crystal rings, how Titan, Mars, Earth's Moon, and Venus have the same water source.

In this video, Wal repeats that mankind is it's own worst enemy... Wal, in his seeking truth never discovered how the Freemasons manipulate the education systems and universities to hide the Homo capensis species(Satan). It is not just human stupidity which sets-up humanity for mass extinction. The cUlt minions sabotage Western Civilization in exchange for a fake-salvation(Satan has tricked it's minions, you see...)

If you use your own critical thinking you can see that all the parliament and legislative building [where freemasons pretend to guide society] actually worship the magnetic fields found around stars and photons of light which David Lapoint pointed out:
Luciferians worship the technology from Homo capensis as if it will prolong their lives into eternity... it will not... the devils have lied to turn the souls of Freemasons and other secret society thUgs from innocent children into murderous, genocidal adults(failing souls).
The foundations of physical-reality is spiritual. The Creator-God wants all soul-fragments to show their true-colors. The loving souls are worthy of their afterlife... the murderous and greedy have proven themselves to be "The Unworthy." Unworthy soul-fragments are in a automatic state of spiritual-decay and shrivel-up towards a self-inflicted oblivion. You see, the devil serves God's purpose and are too self-righteous to figure out their purpose for still living such long, hideous lives... haaa! Hateful, greedy and dumb-genius, oxymorons. Homo capensis is an insane species which brainwashes Freemasons to also be insane... seeking their own extinction in exchange for a fake-salvation.

If you want to brush up on how the thunderbolts changed the history of the planet and mankind then study my channel:
Carolina Bays' Secret
Wal never discovered Homo capensis, but I did:
They still live, I saw one myself: They rule Freemasons.

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

NASA Freemasons hide from the sheeple that Saturn radiates twice as much energy than it recieves from the Sun.
This means Saturn's energy balance has still not reached homeostasis even after 11,000 years after it's capture.
The Great Ice-age on Earth was not caused by a meteor... it was caused by the relocation from orbiting Proto-Saturn to find the third orbit from our current Sun... You see...

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