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Walking Out of a Movie - Mission: Impossible – Fallout (Mat Biller)

Walking Out of a Movie
Published on 30 Aug 2018 / In Entertainment

Spoiler-free review of Mission: Impossible – Fallout. By Mat Biller.

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Blackchowder 4 years ago

I thought this entire year was pretty boring when it came to block busters. On a whim, I went to go see this movie with a couple friends and was pleasantly surprised.
The choreography in the fight scenes was especially captivating and as you mentioned there is great attention to detail at times. One scene where I thought this was amazing was when Solomon Lane (Sean Harris's character) is in the police transport vehicle and it is knocked into the water. Right before he is submerged he takes a couple quick breaths to get a little bit of extra oxygen in his blood stream.
The movie did have some things it could have done better or removed. One such thing was product placement. There is nothing wrong with product placement in principal and it helps with immersion in some cases but in this movie where there are several shots kissing the ass of a logo (BMW Motorcycle) and is particularly distracting.
Spoiler** I also thought the twist with Henry Cavill's character being the bad guy was super obvious. Thinking back on it, it was so obvious that maybe it was intentional.
Final complaint was lack of tension. During the third act of the movie, I felt zero tension on if the conflict was going to be resolved, because there wouldn't be a movie if the protagonists were to fail. But again as you mentioned this was probably intentional to hit on those spy thriller tropes.
Despite my complaints, I loved this movie and IMO the best Blockbuster so far this year.

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