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Virology Debunks Corona

Spacebusters - 7,731 Views
Published on 08 Apr 2021 / In Health
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Spacebusters 2 years ago

and there it is. Virologist Stefan Lanka has now down the control group experiment virology has never done in it's history. Debunked in step one.

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Luxeternal 2 years ago

This has been a conundrum for over 100 years. I was a student 50 years ago when students were paid to spend 2 weeks at the Common Cold Research Centre where a preventative treatment for the coronavirus cold was being sought. None has been. Since 2000, and at least once before, a vaccine for coronavirus has been under research. None has been found because the animals died or were too seriously ill when challenged with the virus - any coronavirus - after having the vaccine. Then suddenly we get a pandemic of a novel coronavirus with a name that strangely has been used before and its illness, Covid-19, has also appeared here and there before 2019, but we are told it is brand new and a terrible killer. It is not of course, but the people on the street believe the politicians and are terrified. Hey presto! For as if by magic all the work and failures of the previous 100+ years are as nought because in a matter of months the amazing Scientists produce not one, not two, but more than three vaccines against this killer coronavirus! What is more they are new and of a kind never used or tested on people before. So they move forward with great care and trepidation and very slowly test the vaccines first on animals, waiting to see long term effects and effects on their offspring before testing on human volunteers whom they brief thoroughly about the possible very serious side effects. Oh! - They don't? Oh! They simply do a rapid testing period on a few healthy subjects and then before these data are adequately understood or analysed they shove the "vaccine" - which it is not - into the arms of people over 80, frail old people with co-morbidities. Just the kind of subjects you would choose for your first human trials, - NOT! Oh it wasn't a trial? These subjects were not given any of the information about being in a trial even though the trials do not end for over a year?.....
All this of course depends on them having isolated the virus in question! For they needed that little bit of it that makes the spike protein so it can shove a man-made copy of that into the recipients of their not-vaccine so it will set about getting the person's body to make the spike protein in order that their immune system may attack it. Ha ha ha ha no I'm ok ...honestly please don't lock me in a padded cell in a psychiatric unit, ... or maybe, ..yes do. I think the world has gone mad and I might feel safer there.

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Flat_Monkey 2 years ago

Love your stuff. Keep it up.

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Jean LeBaptiste
Jean LeBaptiste 2 years ago

Time to have a well documented video about this subject.

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