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VICIOUS Clashes as Anti-Vax Belgians Brawl with Police.mp4

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Published on 08 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

VICIOUS Clashes as Anti-Vax Belgians Brawl with Police

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goosegatherer 2 months ago

It is sad that these people are not even aware that all the new cases are caused by those who have been for the second injection and then falling ill because the second injection is the immune system destroyer . Those who are stupid enough to have the second toxic injection will notice over a few weeks that they will suffer dramatically from even the slightest infections that they would usually shake off with no problems. The reason is simple , every week that passes post injection (2) their immune system is systematically being shut down. We know that there can be NO VARIANTS from a bug that too this day has still not been identified or purified or isolated....and NO government in the world has allowed that test to be performed otherwise the scam is exposed for all to see. Those who pretend this scam is real are panicking simply because those who have caused more infections to materialize KNOW that it is they who have caused this secondary flair up. We know this scam cov bug is total fiction.....we know this scam is a plan to kill the masses by reducing numbers with a bug that just isn't real but is total misrepresented through a fear campaign. We know the second injection is the one that destroys the immune system and leaves the victim defenseless because of the injection . We know that the Graphene Oxide in these injections is a TOXIC SUBSTANCE.... and yet we still see so many idiot people lining up for this toxic product.....Shit for Brains can be the only reason for this stupidity simple because THE FOOLS WON'T LISTEN.....and the rest of us just watch them die .

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