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VAX NATION - NEW Intellectual Froglegs

Intellectual Froglegs
Intellectual Froglegs - 61,279 Views
Published on 26 Dec 2021 / In Entertainment

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Captain Danger
Captain Danger 8 months ago

I am not left. I am not right. I support neither Trump or Biden but one thing is for sure I am no longer hidin. The time has come to mount up and fight against those who perpetuate tyranny and fright. No one is coming to save us and they never were. There are no angels. There are no heroes. There are only those who wish to make our numbers zero. mRNA is not a vaccination. It is their weapon for complete annihilation. If we don't organize and fight to all a not so merry holocaust 2.0 and to all a good night. This is a call to arms. Time was up 9/11/01 when we were attacked by those tasked with keeping us safe. Our enemy is within our grasp. We must go get them now

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J. L.
J. L. 8 months ago

Always top shelf

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micky ricordo
micky ricordo 9 months ago

A MrTruthBomb Film President Trump Vs BIG PHARMA 2 - Clif HighX22 ReportAndWeKnowPatel Patriot ! mirror

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no0negun 9 months ago

Brilliant…….. again!

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There is NOTHING brilliant about this propaganda GARBAGE. President Biden needs to pass a vaccine mandate ASAP so we can go out of our houses without having to worry about this terrible virus that have killed close to a billion people. The right wing news has been underreporting the deaths of this virus significantly and its only a matter of time until we are all screwed!

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J. L.
J. L. 8 months ago

@BlueWaveTrumpIsATerrorist: No! You're a prison bitch.

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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 8 months ago

@BlueWaveTrumpIsATerrorist: Will you tell me how many millions of people you think are in a group of a billion? I’d like to understand where you’re coming from. Thank you

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DarkStormz Royal Empire

very entertaining , ya got another subscriber [ me ]

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