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Vapid Trudeau - Trump Toys With Media

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Published on 20 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Justin Trudeau Shows Just How Clueless a Leader Can Be in the Middle of a Pandemic

Consider how lucky we are when we look north at our friends in Canada and see the leader they have there as Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau has shown a long history of being a clueless liberal.

Not only do Canadians have to deal with the restrictions and economic problems of dealing with a pandemic, but on top of that, they are about to face a carbon tax increase that will go into effect when their economy is already grievously strained.

Even in the face of a pandemic, the climate craziness apparently takes precedence.

Trudeau says sweeping coronavirus bill powers needed given ‘exceptional situation’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says proposed sweeping new powers to let the government spend money without parliamentary approval are needed because the coronavirus pandemic presents an “exceptional situation.”


How the Liberal Media Earned Their 'Enemy of the People' Title

More people will be glued to their television sets as schools and sporting events are being canceled, along with legions of people now being told to work from home. As such, more potential eyeballs could venture into the twisted realms of MSNBC and CNN who are just thirsting for the Wuhan virus death toll to increase and markets to collapse to better the Democrats’ chances of booting Trump from office in 2020. It’s predictable. It’s grotesque. They’ve earned their new title with gusto: enemies of the people.

If Trump does anything, it’s terrible. He can’t win—and he knows that, so he toys with them. And we mock accordingly because they are an insufferable bunch of self-righteous scumbags that are too blinded to their stupidity. I’m sure you’ve noticed that CNN has the Dow Jones ticker when the market is in freefall, but it magically vanished once a rebound begins. Today, the stock market ended with a nice rally of almost 2,000 points nearly wiping away yesterday’s losses, the worst since Black Monday 1987.


Trump Destroys the Liberal Media: ‘We Should Get Rid of 80% of You’

Trump’s way of speaking is endearing to most Americans because it is not politically correct. He trolls his haters as much as we want him to, and it makes me so happy. There isn’t a lot to be happy about right now, so just give me this. Ok liberals, ok?

A reporter asked Trump at his press conference about guidance for congress that has been affected by the coronavirus.


“You are actually sitting too close. Really, we should probably get rid of about another 75-80% of you. I’ll have just two or three that I like in this room.. You two, you should leave. Immediately.”


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