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Vaccines and the Mark of the Beast (2013) - RIP Rob Skiba

Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev - 178 Views
Published on 27 Oct 2021 / In Spiritual

Vaccines and the Mark of the Beast (2013) - RIP Rob Skiba

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 28 days ago

How Many TIMES has the Human Population Been Mind Wiped since 1953.?.?.?

You are going too learn that these and this [TV FLAT SCREEN] Qballs~ /_\ be it a Cell Phone to those 1893 AD Movie Screens when we were all {INCUBATOR BABIES} after the MUD FLOOD WARS from 1855 to World War Zero in 1865 have “always” used the RAPTURE of Sounds – Colours – Movement: too Mind Wipe the Populations using CODE + Magick + Alchemy = SORCERY on this side of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere over and over and over, and if (youm) [{**}] do not like TIME LOOPS for the Oraborus Curse……..,

then consider World Wars are Technology to put all Humans {back too sleep} here in 2021 CE, and that WE THE PEOPLE are way beyond the Byzantine Empire ERA or “Decades” of 7,530 that this HARRIS FARMER’S ALMANAC Produced in 2021 under the Lies Agreed Upon of (Covid-19) [{*}] that is just one more Depopulation of JADE HELM 15 and “reprogramming” of the masses by way of ISOLATION – Interrogation – Intimidation……., and that those whom live off of our Taxes as our EMPLOYED Religions – Governments – These Fake Jews of Hollywood FREE MASON Lodges from the Book of Revelation called USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! continue to REPROGRAM our minds with medications of Magic Potion INJECTIONS since the Spanish INQUISITION "Torture" and Flue Vaccinations in the 1900’s….

NOW I would not mind using those born in 1933 AD` for some of you still walk among we born here in 2013……...,

and we know every [10 YEARS] /-\ this World Machine of Purgatory makes massive changes to the Menticide MEDICATED Militant Mindless Masses of The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, so while we whom are “Repentant” of our Disregard for the 10 COMMANDMENTS of Honor Your Mother Heaven and Your Father FLAT EARTH’ that thy days may and “might” go well here in purgatory as you’m seek Reconciliation, Reconsideration, Reflection of what has been, what is, and what will be in the Book of REVELATION that is just {one of many} Sabbaticals of Books of Books too REMEMBER the Memory of “whom” done what that Ripped Open the Sky, and shot STARS out of the Heavens, if you are not a Chosen one, you will not be allowed to use your (DE-JA-VU) too remember you are in purgatory too be redeem or “rejected” by The Source of All Creation and The Source of All Destruction NO Matter your many {Scientific Reflections} on these TV Screens of Malfeasance in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME with all your Graven Images and American "IDOLS" till the End of Days in 2094 CE….

So we will start with why does “no one” Remember everyone from Rich too Poor had Credit Cards in 1951 AD just as "everyone" is being pushed onto Digital NINTENDO Crypto {Mario Brothers} TOKENS and Talents in [1983 AD] from the New Testament come 2023 CE ????? Moreover, youm Worthless Servants Bury your Talents and your "Coins" in the dirt of your LOST and (worried) minds whence you NOW know God is Real, and Christ Jesus has Returned.?.?.?.?

This is what We Are and THEY LIVE are all going to “inspect” today at Our FLAT EARTH Magical Academy offline gaming LAN Party STUDY Rooms “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy as the {Angels and Demons} of The Society of non-mason~

Since we live in a World Machine, then all Flesh and Blood and Bones must be Machine People regardless of INVETRO Laboratory made LOGANS RUN, or we whom come from the Pineal Gland TRANSFERS of Genetic Code from our Real Moms and Dads….

The INTERNATIONAL Red Cross of the Bank of London must have WORLD WARS too reset your minds into thinking what ever you are told from Birth to Death is the TRUTH and this IN GOD WE TRUST is Internationalist Capitalist and their FREE MASON Lodges keeping all the JOBS as the Teachers from Military to Elementary Schools my Dear WATSON no matter what FLAG you are raised under, your FLAG is just a Marker of these Humans will be Raised to believe this, and the FLAG of another is to say THOSE Humans are to be raised to think this…

The COVID injections and Pills and all INJECTIONS and Medications will be used to WIPE YOUR MINDS, so you go back to Watching the RAPTURE of the Coming META-Verse, and you won’t even want to QUESTION why you can no longer go to Concerts, Sporting Events, or even Church because you will just put on the Helmet of G.O.D. and do as you are Told for the Greater Good of INTERNATIONALS CORPORATIONS {Mark of the Beast} from the Book of Revelation doing Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 where these Corporate C.O.P.S. enslave you all in 2026 AD of and for G4S "mercenary" FREE MASON Lodge Member "types" will replace all NON-MASON Police and all NON-MASON Military on this side of The World as the New Normal U.N. Troops of the World Police of "Peacekeepers" in FarScape AUSTRALIA......, and all will be MADE IN CHINA....., as the Crying Merchant Ships in your Ports from the Book of Revelation take away your dead, and youm will eat your ALT-MEAT human dead $1.00 happy meals, and you WILL Own Nothing….

I guess by way of the Medications and the CBD 3D Printed Fake THC, you won’t Question anything till all life is dead come 2094 CE and God Will NOT want you when you don’t even know that God exist….

Christ Jesus Returned…. The House of Griffin~

You are not having TIME LOOPS, nor an Oraborus Curse, we are all being Murdered, brought back to life as INCUBATOR Babies, and since we are all Programs these INVETRO AI keep blowing up the whole world on this side of FLAT EARTH under our Norther Hemisphere as THEY LIVE control the INNER EARTH, and this side of the world from the Southern Hemisphere with NO SUN and NO MOON aka Their SOLID BLACK EYES...., and if you do nothing..., the Coming WORLD WAR will wipe your minds once more.., and after 75,300 years of this Bull Shit., I thought you NON-MASON Gentile Populations could use a helping hand to take back your Side of FLAT EARTH if you knew how it all works...

#LowKARG ?

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

The non-Cult people who get a jab to fit into the decaying OWO that is ruled by thUgs are going to accept extraction from Earth.
The thUg-network only take placebos as the are all within a brainchip hivemind that they are all brainwashed is the evolution of Homo sapiens into Human2.0 when in reality the Cult becomes murderous and genocide their own species and thus fail their soul-fragment.
Stand strong against the thUgtopians and thUg-network, never back down to the thUgs to accept suicide-injections... If you realize that thUgs only get placebos while they poison the masses of non-Cult-sworn people, then you believe in yourself and the Creator-God will provide for thou within the multiverse.
You will begin to take control of your emotions and desires once you defy the death-threats that Luciferians use to frighten you to acquiesce to their totalitarianism. You will become more powerful than the thUgs and they will avoid confronting you. All they can get away with is to backstab you. The Creator-God will make you survive all their backstabbing as you watch them destroy themselves.
I am nothing special other than I am me. You are you and you are just as powerful as me. The Freemasons are afraid that they cannot kill me and it is the same thing for you. The thUgs cannot kill a will of good-intent for others. They will experience their own death as they try to murder you. In the last 15 years many have fallen as they plotted my murder and this is the same for you. You must take control of your beliefs and your desires. This is what the Creator-God wants from you to lovingly take control of your life... the thUgs will fall before you no matter how physcally strong, no matter how old or young you feel. You will prevail within the probable choices and the probable-worlds that come from those choices. You need to believe in yourself and believe in the Creator-God's loving devotion towards your development as a loving soul that is growing stronger.

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Knowflake 1 month ago


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