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Vaccine Follies: Medical Errors Pile Up At WARP SPEED

David Knight
David Knight - 1,227 Views
Published on 29 Dec 2020 / In News and Politics

Incredible blunders in shipping, storing, administering vaccines — and adverse reactions. Manufacturer overfills some vaccine vials, “health providers” don’t properly dilute and give 5x’s the dose, vaccines not properly refrigerated. But if you die WITH the vaccine, you don’t die FROM the vaccine — UNLIKE a COVID death

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aNewNando 1 year ago

The SDA GC is pushing their followers to take this poison instead of TRUSTING JESUS!! Too funny that the blind are leading the blind, we know what happens in that story.....yes the ditch is on both sides of the road. Thanks for the information, Sir.

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Countess Chaos
Countess Chaos 1 year ago

I just signed up. :) Wishing you much success in this unexpected endeavor. God never closes a door without leaving a window open...

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N-of-46th-Parallel 1 year ago

I just got signed on with Ugetube. I subscribed, and hope your show is a great success here. I’m trying to steer as many as I can here. I would love to see another platform other than Youtube grow and knock them out of their nest.

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