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Vaccination The Hidden Truth

Robbie Lowdown0
Robbie Lowdown0 - 186 Views
Published on 12 Mar 2022 / In Health

If the germ theory is fantasy, then what are they injecting into our bodies. Over 70 vaccines now needed for every American? Are we being slow killed by a ruling elite who want the earth for themselves? It's hard to have any other opinion when those in charge of our health are pushing their vaccines on us despite the horrible health consequences that follow -- every person is negatively affected by vaccines, some more than others. The latest experimental gene therapy shot is so deadly, YouTube won't even let anyone talk about the dangers, or even question them. Yet, the robotic slaves to lies keep lining up to get the toxic death shots, ignoring all those crazies who believe from their experience and studies that vaccines are simply bad medicine. Even more, for those who have a big picture perspective, they are part of a depopulation agenda. If the mainstream media doesn't say it, most people won't believe it; if the politicians and health authorities don't say it, most people won't believe it -- it is that simple.
Most people believe we've evolved from being superstitious like our past ancestors, yet they believe in similar fairy tales and lies in their modern context. The deception is more pronounced with the advent of television and internet -- the hive mind has formed and truth isn't valued or even allowed in this fantasy land created by the death cult in charge of running the beast system.
Truly, we are being attacked by our enemy from the past for things we don't even remember. The Protestant Reformation almost took out the AntiChrist Papacy and the Holy Roman Empire, yet now we are seeing these evil powers take hold again through technology, banking, culture, and academia. They are seeking revenge against those former Protestant powers that exposed the AntiChrist and shook off his rule -- revenge through vaccination, wars, and every other evil means possible by the workers of iniquity under the AntiChrist Papacy there at the Vatican -- the death cult of Satan. Share the truth about vaccines and help save the uninformed and niave.

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proudusagirl01 4 months ago

While main stream media condemns using ivermectin the most populated area in India simply declared they're actually COVID free after promoting this safe tested medicine. In addition to this, Ivermectin attaches covid spike proteins and stops them from binding to ACE2 receptors. I recommend everyone to have ivermectin for emergency situations!

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