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Uvalde bodycam Video: Sgt. Daniel Coronado - Really Shows Initial Response Failure

TwoFeather - 146 Views
Published on 04 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

Lots of Fear, Inexperience, Panic and Lack of Direction & Action on initial Response.

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Theroadtroll 3 days ago

Your right on it.COWARDS.They no understanding of barriers either.nobody has the brains to go out side and pop him thru the window?even if police engaged to get shooter to fire in their direction is something.that would be one less bullet the shooter would have to hurt a kid.its to quiet to be a real scene too.ive never been police and don't want to be.if I worked with those clowns I'd quit that day.who wants to be part of a group like that.theyre jerk offs.maybe it just me or a younger generation? I'd go in there even if I didn't know any of the kids.and have faith another man would do the same for my family.that kid didn't have that many loaded mags when he bounced around in the hallway when he first came in school.this whole thing stinks.only thing they did was not make control of info mistakes like sankyhook.the fake parent of that one kid was was as much about accepting and changing public opinion about Mexican immigrants.the illegal immigrants was all over the news before this happened and after there wasn't any.changed direction on a dime with all forms of media.focas on gun control quick pelosi has thousand page gun control bill overnight.posting on your vids is next to impossible.i did this one twice and your other vid about the couple being arrested for not showing I'd did it too.

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