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Utah Gun Exchange Owner, Sam Robinson, Get Out To Vote for the best Candidate

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Published on 27 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

Sam Robinson, owner of the Utah Gun Exchange encourages Utahns to get out and vote in the 2020 Republican Primary Election.

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Unoraza DragonsPaw_Blogspot

We need to do MORE than vote we need:
o The salted voter rolls cleansed; as long as dead have a right to vote the pay to play s'elections will continue!
o Exit polls that were quietly dropped and not by the socialist media SCUM; this includes 666-FOX; they cannot be trusted either!
o Perhaps a signed sworn contract that a candidate declares under penalty of perjury he/she will do what they say and if they don't they're automatically expunged to a second, already staged candidate!

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¿Por qué no te vas Instragram?

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Stalinist MAGA
Stalinist MAGA 5 months ago

Too much beard...what's he hiding

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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 5 months ago


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What saith the scripture?

He is SHOWING his beard.

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LilBird2U 5 months ago

New Party! The Patriot Party! The LION!!!!!

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Plymouth Fury
Plymouth Fury 7 months ago

YOU ROCK!!!! UGETUBE ROCKS!!!! i LOVE YOU from the BOTTOM OF MY BROKEN HEART!!! when ya gonna get Live Streaming goin on? i talk bout it a bit in my latest video; u should get hold of Restream n Streamyard! subbed to You sub back if u dare #WWG1WGA

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