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USA & Canada gave money to create CV-19, Children bodies found in BC school, Trump returning, Fauci’s lies, and Chris Sky Making money in rallies

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 21,631 Views
Published on 07 Jun 2021 / In Spiritual

Thanks to Fauci’s email, we found out the US Federal government has been using the tax payer’s money to help create this CV-19 virus. 215 children bodies were found in BC school. Trump returning as president, Fauci’s lies being exposed, and Chris Sky being exposed for making money doing rallies. 

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GlobeKrusha 2 days ago

Delta is ?️?☢☣⚠️! Yes the Illuminati TRIANGLE. WAKE UP!

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JamesRoss 3 days ago

Philip Schneider exposed "Adrenal-chrome" @ 40
This is also exposed by Dr. Sean Hross when he talked to a France caretaker
What you are in the middle of is a Cult that controls everything that you are allowed to learn and your spiritual growth... You must take control of your own future... This page tries to inform you but it has been chopped up...

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JamesRoss 3 days ago

Very good Nyla! @ 38 you reference DUMBs and Philip Schneider... He was a true patriot of the USA constitution.
Unfortunately, Schneider was tricked to believe in many aliens... The deception is meant to confuse researchers. The only ancient is Homo capensis or the dying Remnant-Lumanians who likely came from Mars.
Homo sapiens genetics is a splice of Lumanian and Neanderthal... funny how the Cult thUgs call the profane "neanderthals" .... you see, the Cult knows our spliced origins and they are taught to duplicity.
Schneider was a good-hearted man, too bad they suicided him.

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JamesRoss 3 days ago

Canada is secretly run by the Freemasons and Mystery School Cult. Every town and village has it's ruling Masonic Temple in control of the local politics and police, education, hospital, every position of authority. They all praise the Queen of Canada after the Statute Of Westminster gave all colony provinces sovereign independence in 1931.
All colonies are the Mystery School Cult's "Fifth Column of Control"

You must do your own research to truly understand the source of wicked Cult practices. Sheeple are lied to from birth... now brainchipped as infants. The Freemasons claim authoritative dominance because sheeple submit to their lies. They believe that paperwork gives them the right to murder their own species. They are all brainwashed to be psychopathic and schizophrenic in duplicity. They are tricked into decaying their soul-fragments rather growing their souls with natural loving behavior.

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GlobeKrusha 2 days ago


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The Shootinguy
The Shootinguy 6 days ago

Just follow the money. There was a lot to be gained by quenching the effects of hydroxychloroquine and push the expensive "vaccine". Fauchi and all associated benefited financially.

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