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US Government Announces It's Coming For Whitey.mp4

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Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

So, we're enemies of the state because of our skin color too? Just lovely.

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Custos Luminis
Custos Luminis 1 month ago

Old white men in high place of power telling white people you are a threat to our power.

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Kenfreak 1 month ago

We are darn tootin' going to rid our nation of domestic Uni-Party terrorists and their antifa/bml proxy armies!

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Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey 1 month ago

There are no white supremacy people

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TwoFeather 1 month ago

Domestic Terrorist, they must mean (federal gooberment). First they came for (Red'ey), then (Black'ey) and now it's (Whit'ey). Yes folks, the True domestic terrorist are the government. They continuously (Lock Up), (Murder), (Steal), (Impose Laws) on anyone who stands up to them. governments are parasites who feed off of others. government Do Nothing or Create Nothing on their own. They Steal every thing they have.

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