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US $100 Debt-Dollar Note Predicts a Missile Hitting Hoover Dam - by Brainchip-Prophet Kleck

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Published on 12 Dec 2022 / In People and Blogs

Kleck has been a brainchipped prophet since 2002.
He has deciphered the $100 dollar-deb-note to indicate a missile creating havoc at Hoover dam.

Kleck has yet to acknowledge that the Luciferian "voice of god" weapon is in his head 24/7.
I tried to awaken him to his covert implant and synthetic telepathy, but he does not want to acknowledge the level of technology that most other people see through once under attack by the same technology attacking him. He is smart enough to figure it out, i'm sure.
We live is a world of a lot of confused humans... I was fortunate to begin developing a very strong ability of critical thinking at a very young age and that ability never stops growing. I have freemasons and eastern-stars constantly trying to improve their abilities to deceive and practice trickery by trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

Kleck is so oblivious to the Luciferian "word of god" weapon that he does not even need a day of insomnia before the hypnotic trance kicks in... he cannot kick the hypnotic trance that the brainchip put him into all the time.

But Kleck being a brainchip-prophet(now Judas goat) does not explain the images on the debt-notes. Freemasonic-Luciferians in positions of authority did all the artwork that sneaks covert messeges against the US non-Cult people. You find the same type of artwork in the Vatican on the Altar of St. Peters and in the dragon of the Sistine Chapel... these are not Christian running that place
The old $10 shows a tidal-wave coming over the building due to a bomb
So the old $20 shows the 1995 Oklahoma bombing by patsy Timothy McVeigh
The New $20 shows the 2001 WTC demolition and the Pentagon missile

Kleck show a 2007 utterance of "prophetic power" as the Luciferians get Kleck to prophesy their plans for the hidden Agenda-point and demoralizing of civilization... Some of those things may happen, since the Luciferian-thUg-masters are the thUgs orchestating the sheep slaughter(ovid-19) .

All the ugliness that Freemasonry and gangstalkers commit against individuals who resist tyranny comes from Homo capensis, but the human-luciferians seem to enjoy being told to commit their wicked acts... I have watch them smirk and gloat at their atrocities for 16 years after they identifed me trying to awaken humanity with my thousands of CDs I handed out beginning in 2002... They did not like me secretly distributing a wake-up alarm to the sheeple, You should do this, too, and wake up your local sheeple. All you need from my files is the go.exe and autoexec.bat and your own index.html :

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w541 6 months ago  

It is likely that one of the first uses of A.i. was to produce double meaning images on the debt-dollars notes. Look at the way A.i. can combine artwork for the general public: Search "Artificial Artwork Engines"

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