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Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 24 Sep 2023 / In Spiritual

We must live in the supernatural and expect miracles as we oppose the Devil. Moses knew he was in trouble when Korah openly confronted and accused him of malfeasance.

Korah's rebellion grew out of discontent because he was not satisfied to serve in the tabernacle and wanted more. This was not a small rebellion but involved 250 princes and posed a serious threat. When the confrontation finally happened, Moses knew that he could not singlehandedly oppose the insurrection.

It was a life or death situation that could only be resolved by God in the supernatural. God did resolve the conflict supernaturally but Satan worked up the people the next day and Moses was in danger yet again until God intervened and once more silenced the opposition. The Devil is not one to bang his head into a wall and will quickly change tactics when he cannot achieve a breakthrough.

Rebellion grows in the soil of discontent and Moses lived in the supernatural, expecting God to deliver miracles. God will protect His work on earth but it takes courage and faith on our part to oppose the Devil and his forces.
Sermon Outline:

RLJ-1474 -- DECEMBER 14, 2014

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