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Understanding the Woman in the Revelation

Joseph fisher
Joseph fisher - 147 Views
Published on 16 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

Who is the woman in the Revelation? What events are still coming?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 11 months ago

And The Commander Spoke…, now that we {The Rag Tag Rebellion} +=+ of nonmason and FREED MASONS have put down [The EDISON] /_\ machine of Forced SLAVE Labor Technology……..., and weakened our enemy The (COVID19) Global Citizens aka INTERNATIONALIST / * \ from other Realms…….., and Other Dimensions using “Our Flesh” and Blood and Bones Bodies to play war games with we The Human Populations……., we now must INVADE and Decimate all of them remaindering “HOLOGRAPHIC” U.N. Troops on them 2 CONTINENTS left off the United Nations FLAGS International Mafia of S.A.T.A.N. and L.U.C.I.F.E.R. For many of you……, whom are still under the ENCHANTMENT [{**}] of ENTERTAINMENT….., you must come “too know” that EVERYTHING on TV at this moment is FREE MASON “Fuckery” of the Hollywood and Bollywood Illuminati whom still want to Drop a Nuclear “Hydrogen Weapon” on Seattle Washington on 11 -03 -2020 C.E. to START World Wide NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR by destroying that CAPITAL City in the STATE of Washington, and then “blaming” North Korea for the Attack just as (Deagel.com / countries) does so still show…., and in that` there will be so few of we nonmason humans “left alive” by 2025 C.E. that these “Things” will rebuild…, and repair The EDISON Machine of “5G Eugenics” HAARP and DARPA.., Ratheon., KBR weapons of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush!!! That said, I do so implore “all world leaders” whom are no longer under POSSESSION or OPPRESSION of these “Esoteric” ELECTROMAGNETIC {A.I. Beings} that you begin to speak the Truth to “your people” that WE ALL USED BE MASONS as the “True Builders” of the Pre MUD FLOOD Buildings, Technology, Trains, Autos, and even Flying “Balloon” Sky Ships!!! Not only that, but you have been “profaned” by doing WORSHIP for too worship anything is to BEG OF IT` for things you do not need too beg for as “Celestial Beings” in our Celestial Sphere Home World of PURGATORY!!!! However, without USE OF FORCE against the (COVID19) aka [THEY LIVE] we the human people and persons and “populations” will be FORCED too remained trapped, and enslaved in this Video Game Simulation of UP and DOWN “Stocks and Bondage” [{*}] MASTER / SLAVE System never to think for ourselves, never to go into the UNDERGROUND “Cities” and Places……., and made to be Cattle and Sheep to feed these WOLVES and Molesters and Parasites “whom feed” off of our LIFE FORCES and Emotional Feelings, as well as, OUR Well Being “for all time” with their FAKE DOCTORS!!! Poisons and Potions known as The DRUG CARTEL of Pharmaceuticals and Medications that only “keep a person” in A STATE of Mental Deficiency, Madness, and Lunacy, and too that` Any TRUE REAL Biological says HELL NO!!!!` to your Loguns Run “Gatica” Synthetic Battle Star Galactica [CYLON] Life Style!!!! In this, we are “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition of “nonmason” Romantic Warriors, WE ARE will not “back down” from one Solitary too Brigades of FREE MASON Military Persons, C.O.P.S., or fucking INTERNATIONAL “G4S Privateer” Goons – Cucks – Slags – Pukes, and Fucks!!! The Rag Tag Rebellion and all Constituents, Members, and Representative CITIZENS FOR THE “50 STATES” FOR AMERICA has spoken!!! Worry not my new world order “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, we just need to lay the FOUNDATION STONES “of and for” The Society of nonmason~, and then all will be well!!!

The Commander~

P.S. Radio Show on mewe.com at Johnny Exodice “after” I finish these Drops!!!

The Green Hat`


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